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Odoo XML-RPC Enterprise Toolkit - Build native desktop and mobile applications - 2

Odoo XML-RPC Enterprise Toolkit - Build native desktop and mobile applications - 2

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This one hour and 46 minute video goes deeper into the toolkit demonstrating observer event patterns, text binding, and how to use powerful visual programming techniques to create dynamic applications. Covers Beta release 2/8/2015.

Video Length:   1:46 hrs
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For more information on the Odoo / OpenERP Enterprise Toolkit please see the first introductory video product page. If you have not seen that page make sure you go there first to get the full list of features that are planned for the toolkit.

Video Contents

  • Overview of the toolkit and how to create a connection and read data
  • How you can bind data pulled through XML-RPC to interface elements... without code
  • Learn how the observer pattern is used to automatically notify all controls they need to update whenever the dataset changes
  • Visual integration with full state machines so you can create powerful data driven applications. See diagrams below.
  • Provide an example of how you can quickly create applications that show data visually, in native applications. 
  • No HTML 5. No webpage posing as an application. Create full native applications that interact with Odoo. 
Active Odoo Class Subscribers, simply email us at [email protected] to request the beta version of the Odoo Enterprise Toolkit.


Full examples of Connecting to Odoo, reading data, and populating forms

  • This video shows you how you can connect, read data, and create an entire functional form without any code using the enterprise toolkit
  • Use powerful GUI tools to create interfaces visually... you don't have to code interfaces by hand! Drag and drop and set the required properties.
  • Easy to follow video shows you how to connect to a server and get flowing through XML-RPC in a matter of minutes
  • All source code included.
  • Uses Unity 4.6's brand new UI tools! No extra GUI's to purchase. Powerful new builder let's you get exactly the look you want for the platform you want.
  • As you can see on the right side of the screenshot below, you have incredible control over an object as simple as an input field. 

Powerful Dataset component makes XML-RPC Easy

The core of the Odoo / OpenERP Toolkit is an XML-RPC interface that allows you to easily connect to Odoo. However unlike the typical Python interface like you can see in this video, this XML-RPC interface integrates directly into a multi-platform engine that allows you to quickly build dynamic applications. With a simple DataSet wrapper we now have a powerful component that can query against Odoo without writing a single line of code!

Specify the model, your search criteria & fields

Naturally you have all the source code for the entire XML-RPC layer of the toolkit, but what makes the toolkit especially powerful is the DataSet wrapper we have created that allows you to easily create a Dataset with the criteria you require, the fields you need and the model without a single line of code. You can even have it auto-query the dataset when the application starts up by simply checking the 'Auto Search' option.

Query the data at any time... your application does not even have to be running!

If you notice at the bottom of the left corner in the screenshot to the left, there is a 'Query Data' button. This button allows you to query the data directly inside the editor and see the results in the console window. Test out your search criteria, make sure you are getting the records you expect and that the connection is working correctly without even launching your application!


  • Using the toolkit, see warehouses depicted in 3d in real time directly from Odoo (formally OpenERP) data
  • Interact easily with Odoo data to update GUI elements and dynamically update interface objects
  • Create visual flows that make it easy to see exactly how everything fits together
  • Visual debugging, variable inspectors, even PAUSE & PLAY your processes while changing variables and states!
  • See a real example of how to encapsulate complexity
  • Need even more flexibility? Create your own custom C# actions and modules to integrate with the FSM.
  • Develop your own way. Prototype and deploy quickly using visual tools. Re-factor into optimized C# code once requirements are finalized.
  • * Requires Playmaker asset tool for Unity (currently priced at $45)


  • We start with a simple data set of Odoo warehouses... No code required, just set your server connection and fill out in the dataset what fields and search criteria you require
  • Scripts within the toolkit hide much of the complexity... Easily navigate datasets and bind their results to objects. Your creativity is the limit
  • Create visual flows that make it easy to see exactly how everything fits together. 
  • In less than 30 minutes we created a data driven prototype that accesses the warehouse records within Odoo, creates virtual representations of each warehouse in 3d, spaces them appropriately, adds 3d text with the name of the warehouse, and even shows you how you can respond to mouse clicks to change colors. See exactly how it is done in the video not in weeks, hours or days... but literally within minutes and without writing a single line of code!
  • Why would I use this toolkit rather than the many other options for developing applications for Odoo?

  • This toolkit is designed for those who would like to create native applications that integrate with Odoo. It is also designed specifically to be utilized in situations in which XML-RRC and other remote functionality into or from Odoo is required. For many Odoo solutions using qweb templates or Odoo's view architecture and the robust Odoo business framework is plenty powerful and still be used for a majority of applications you will make. In other words, even if you plan to use this toolkit you should not consider it a replacement or alternative to building solutions in classic Odoo. In fact it is preferable for you to first be very comfortable with traditional Odoo application development before you begin working with XML-RPC interfaces. That said, this toolkit allows you to build NATIVE applications for the target platform of your choice. This opens up integration options with hardware and powerful user interfaces that were previously reserved to game and simulation developers.
  • Does this work with Openerp 7?

  • Yes, the toolkit can be easily configured to work with any version of OpenERP / Odoo that supports the basic CRUD XML-RPC methods. It is expected as the toolkit is expanded that we may include additional methods and functions to extend Odoo's capabilities server side. For those features we would not target OpenERP 7 or any versions of OpenERP prior to version 8.
  • The development of the Toolkit - How it went from an XML-RRC layer to a full toolkit for native applications

  • When the toolkit was first designed the scope was small and we had very limited ambitions. The goal was simply to provide an easy to use XML-RPC interface that could be implemented on a development platform that produces native applications. We wanted to open up to developers the full resources of the hardware (no web pages here) and native capabilities of the targeted platform. So the XML-RPC interface to do the CRUD work and make building these applications possible was created. It is important to mention that at the time we never believed it would be easy to create native applications and deploy them. Our goal was to make it possible and simply provide the low-level XML-RPC layer to make at least the process of building these applications bearable.
  • In our development however something amazing happened. The scope of the project grew... and for once not in a bad way! We quickly learned that once we had the XML-RPC layer taken care of it was far easier than we predicted to build smart, loosley coupled design patterns to leverage our XML-RPC interface. Soon the "Odoo DataSet" was created. This component not only provided us a greater level of abstraction from writing the typical XML-RPC code to do CRUD, it also gave us a modular building block for cool new features such as data binding to the UI and making application development virtually a drag and drop process. As you can see in the video powerful data driven applications can be created with no code. Even better, as we will show you in the code behind the scenes... it is relatively simple and elegant solution that can be easily extended with your own functionality.
  • Future Roadmap

  • Even with a nearly two hour video there are still many exciting capabilities in the framework we would like to share. This includes the ability to serialize data and store it locally... making it possible to create robust, interactive applications that require no Internet connection. Yet when Internet does become available data collected can be synchronized back to the Odoo server. With web only applications your ability to do much of anything without Internet connectivity becomes very contrived. With the Odoo toolkit and the ability to develop native applications your applications can still be extremely powerful and have full capabilities.
  • At the end of March we will be releasing another major Beta release that will target the following features:
  • New Features we are targeting for end of March beta release v2

    • Full drag-and-drop form creation with the ability to manage for state for navigating and saving data back into Odoo through XML-RPC. 
    • Re-factored dataset to improve efficiency of converting key pairs from the XML-RPC interface into the collections within the dataset.  
    • In addition to the current support for text, input box, and checkboxes (toggle) add native support for the rest of Unity 4.6 UI elements as they relate to data.
    • Ability to more easily tie together Odoo models and their relationships
    • Bring over meta data on objects and fields into the toolkit. Research ways to make it easier to interact with the models in Odoo.
    • Mobile functionality for Android using XML-RPC. Roadmap for free Unity3d support for iOS and Android. (to avoid the requirement to use Unity3d Pro for mobile applications) 
  • Conditions and TERMS

  • This toolkit is currently a BETA product and is provided without warranty or support.  While we are working to make it available and stable for all systems as it is a Beta version it may be weeks or even several months before you can expect an easy to install, stable toolkit that has good documentation. If you have difficulty installing it or using it on your system please send us an email describing the problem and steps you have tried to make it work. This toolkit requires Unity 4.6 but has been tested primarily on Unity 5 Beta as the final release is likely only weeks away. If you are not running Unity 5 Beta then you may need to wait until a future Beta release we have planned for the end of March. As you can see in the video we are using the toolkit and it already has utility... so we hope that you can begin getting value from it while it is in Beta so we can receive feedback and continue to improve the integration.