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Understanding Odoo 9 CRM
Creating a new database
Installing Odoo's CRM app
Using the planner: expectations and KPIs
Understanding the Pipeline and managing Opportunities
Customizing your Pipeline - adding and editing a stage
Creating and managing sales teams
Adding users and managing access rights
Scheduling, chaining, and completing activities
Using tags
Reports: Pipeline and Activities Analysis
Activating, creating, and managing leads

Understanding Odoo 9 CRM

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Learn to use one of the most talked about Odoo applications, Odoo CRM. In this video we emphasize real examples and talk about different scenarios in how you can utilize Odoo CRM for your business.

Video Length:   1:31 Hours
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Managing your Sales Pipeline Using Odoo 9 CRM

In this video we start at the very beginning of installing Odoo 9 CRM in a new company database. We use a real life case study example to make it easier to understand the CRM capabilities and how to use the Pipeline to organize your sales opportunities.

Learn to Create Custom Sales Pipelines and Stages

While the default Odoo CRM Pipeline may work for some sales teams, Odoo allows you to create custom pipelines for each of your sales teams. In this video learn how to create multiple sales teams each with their own sales pipelines.

Learning to Manage Activities, Meetings, and new Leads

Throughout the video we examine how Odoo CRM can be put to use to manage sales cycles for a real business. In Odoo, many operations take place around activities. Activities allow you to schedule follow ups and track the progress of your sale through the various stages.