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Advanced Odoo Implementations and Deployment

Advanced Odoo Implementations and Deployment

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Often times once you get a system up and running you will find a time where you need to deploy additional patches or customization. Naturally you don't want to work on your live production server so you need processes to deploy your changes onto your production server. This video shows you various strategies for deployment in Odoo systems that are already in live and in production.

Video Length:   1:16 Hours
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Going from Odoo to Development to Odoo Production Deployment

Once you have a system tested out and are ready to go live there are a great many considerations that come into play when deploying new modifications and updates. This videos is designed to demonstrate various methods you can employ to take modifications and updates that would come from a development or staging server, and push them through to production.

Planning for Keeping your Odoo Installation up 100% of the time

It is important to test out all your deployment strategies long before you go into a live production installation. What happens when you go to deploy a patch and something goes wrong? How do you make sure your data matches up with your new patches? What is the process for updating Odoo applications on a live production system? All these are important questions that this video is designed to address.

Strategies for Handling Odoo Patches and Customization

Odoo source code as you likely know comes in Python modules and libraries that are available on GitHub. These are updated on practically a daily basis. On top of that, your database relies on these python modules to update the models, views, and actions that make up the Odoo Framework. Finally you will likely have custom modifications you need to consider as part of any deployment. This video provides you the strategies to handle this complexity and push changes out to Odoo production environments.