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Odoo 11 Community & Enterprise Options for Deployment

Odoo 11 Community & Enterprise Options for Deployment

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Which version of Odoo should I use? Odoo Community or Odoo Enterprise? Should I create my own server in the cloud and host it? Should I use Odoo Online or should I try the new services?  In this video Diogo discusses the options available for deploying Odoo. Much of this is also applicable to other supported versions of Odoo as well.

Video Length:   32 Minutes
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Should I use Odoo Enterprise or Odoo Community Online?

What are my deployment options for Odoo and which should I choose?

Odoo has grown from an open source ERP system into a full blown Business Application Suite with a full E commerce application, web content manager, human resources, and unsurpassed international support.  Along the way Odoo now offers a great variety of options in deployment. You can host your own server locally, host your own server in the cloud.  There are also now several options Odoo SA offers to find the right Odoo installation for you. 

Should I use Odoo Community or Odoo Enterprise? Odoo is a complete open source solution. Regardless if you choose Odoo Community or Odoo Enterprise, you will have access to the full Odoo source code. If you choose Odoo Enterprise, you will be required to pay a monthly license fee for access to the enterprise source code. In this video we discuss the various options for deploying Odoo community or Odoo enterprise.

Using Odoo's hosting service vs our own hosting. Odoo now offers multiple options for hosting your Odoo installation. These installations will always be using the Odoo Enterprise license. Odoo does not provide hosting services or plans for Odoo Community Edition.  

Get professional consultation to discuss your options. Here at OdooClass we have worked with hundreds of Odoo partners, consultants, and implementation specialists. Our goal is to help you find the right Odoo solutions through quality training, workshops, and professional consulting. If you are an OdooClass subscriber or one of our consulting clients we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and help you determine the best Odoo configuration for your needs.