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Introducing Odoo 9 Community Edition

Introducing Odoo 9 Community Edition

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This video provides a high level overview of the new features in Odoo 9 Community Edition.

Video Length:   46 Minutes
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Learn the powerful new features of Odoo 9 Community Edition

With each new version since OpenERP 5, the main features of Odoo (formally OpenERP) have improved. Odoo 6 brought great improvements in the API and inventory applications, Odoo 7 completely re-designed the interface, and Odoo 8 brought even a better API, and a powerful Website Builder and Ecommerce application. Now Odoo 9 brings a whole host of new features that make Odoo the undisputed #1 open source business application framework.

New more modular design for accounting & finance

Previous versions of Odoo required that you specify different account templates, current, sales & tax rates when you installed the Sales Management Application. In this video we learn how Odoo has created a more modular accounting framework that greatly simplifies setting up your company. New graphs provide you critical company information right at your fingertips.

Learn about Odoo's new interactive documentation

One of the most exciting new framework enhancements is Odoo now includes a powerful interactive documentation framework that makes it much easier to learn Odoo. This new framework also allows developers to create custom training materials for companies and specific vertical industries. Get step-by-step instructions on how to configure your applications with important tips and interactive links show you right where to go.