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Search Open Chatter Messages by Writing a Custom Odoo Module

Search Open Chatter Messages by Writing a Custom Odoo Module

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This Odoo developer video walks you through creating a custom module that allows you to search messages and notes in open chatter. Later in the video we create a second custom search module that utilizes the new searching feature we created within customer sales orders.

Video Length:   1:05 Hours
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The value in searching Open Chatter messages in Odoo

The Open Chatter functionality in Odoo makes it very easy for Odoo users to send messages and creates notes that are associated with a given document. For most businesses the ability to collect and organize these notes is a great benefit to improving the management of information. Unfortunately, Odoo does not provide a built in method for easily searching and finding these notes.

Creating the base custom module to search messages in Odoo

This video begins by creating a module that uses a technique called related fields. Related fields in Odoo allow you to expose fields to a model in a one-to-many relationship In this case, we add a related field to mail.thread that brings over the body field from the message.message model. While this may sound somewhat confusing, the video shows step-by-step how this is accomplished.

Updating the Sales Order Search View in Odoo

After we create the functional ability to search messages in message threads in Odoo, in the next part of the video we create a 2nd module that uses our new search abilities to search for messages that are within the sales order application. This demonstrates the importance of creating clearly defined Odoo modules that properly delegate the functionality between the appropriate modules. If you are an Odoo developer this video includes several important techniques such as class inheritance, view inheritance, and creating related fields.

Searching Notes in Chatter - Odoo's Audit Log

One of the most valuable features of Odoo is the powerful Open Chatter feature that maintains important information about events on a document. As you can see in the screenshot, we can tell with this feature exactly when a quotation is created as well as any changes in sales person, amount, or the customer. 

As users are encouraged to use this feature in Odoo to store critical information on a document, it is inevitable that they will wish to search these notes. 

in just one hour, this video shows you step-by-step how to create a module that will let you search a message thread in Odoo and how to integrate that search into the Odoo Sales Order application.