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Import Pictures into Odoo using XML-RPC 8.0

Import Pictures into Odoo using XML-RPC 8.0

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Learn how to import pictures into Odoo using the new XML-RPC library in Odoo 8. This video covers using http to access and then import the image through the Odoo ORM so it is store properly. Learn skills in searching products, reading data from fields, and encoding the image for importing into Odoo.

Video Length:   39 Minutes
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Learn to import pictures into Odoo's product table

Implementing Odoo you often are required to import data from other systems. So what do you do when you need to import pictures for products or perhaps images for employees into an Odoo database? Fortunately importing pictures into Odoo is relatively easy once you learn a little bit about Odoo's XML-RPC methods.

Learning the new Odoo 8.0 XML-RPC methods and calls

In this video we also take a look at the new Odoo 8.0 web services / XML-RPC library.We walk through each step loading in the required libraries to access and encode the pictures as well as access the Odoo services for searching, reading, and writing out the picture into the Postgres database.

What do I need to know for this video? 

This is an intermediate development video that assumes you know the basics of working with Odoo. However, even if you are new to developing in Odoo this video should be pretty easy to follow along with. With each step we test out the progress and the overall example is a good one to get a little bit more experience in developing utilities and applications in Odoo.