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Setting up Odoo to work with Magento Connector

Setting up Odoo to work with Magento Connector

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Learn how to connect Odoo with Magento to leverage one of the best open source eCommerce packages available. This advanced video covers the setup process and how you can find detailed documentation on configuring Odoo with Magento.

Video Length:   32 Minutes
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Why would I want to use Magento with Odoo?

Now that Odoo version 8 contains a full E commerce shopping cart many people ask why they would want to hook up Magento to Odoo. Well the fact is that Magento is a very robust platform that has many features, themes, and experienced integrators that make it a good choice for many eCommerce solutions. With more than 240,000 merchants worldwide, the ability to integrate Odoo and Magento can be very powerful.

Integrating Odoo with Magento using the Magento Connector

To make it even easier to integrate Odoo and Magento, there is a Magento / Odoo connector that provides synchronization of your product catalog, customers, sales orders, shipments, stock levels and more. This advanced video demonstrates how to integrate the Magento connector with Odoo. Learn more about the Magento Odoo Connector.

What do I need to know for this video? 

This is an advanced video that assumes you understand the basics of installing software in Ubuntu and managing both Odoo and Magento installations. You would want to review videos such as Odoo Installation Ubuntu Bootcamp to learn some of the essential techniques you need to know to get around in Ubuntu. This is the first of what will be several videos that cover integrating Odoo with Magento.