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Setup debugging in Eclipse for faster Odoo Development

Setup debugging in Eclipse for faster Odoo Development

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Accelerate your Odoo development by learning to configure Eclipse as a real Python friendly IDE with the ability to setup break points and watch variables in real time. Learn the Odoo framework more quickly by stepping through the code and determine exactly what is going on in Odoo. If you are serious about Odoo development, you will want the ability to debug Odoo effectively when you really need to.

Video Length:   32 Minutes
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Learn how to configure Eclipse to debug your Odoo applications

With simple Odoo applications that perhaps add a field to a model or make a small change in a view it's not so necessary to have the ability to debug your Odoo applications. However if you are planning on doing any signficant Odoo development there come a time where you need to step through your application while it is running, examine variables and troubleshoot your code.

Are you able to really debug your Odoo applications?

Most Odoo tutorials have taken the approach of building Odoo applications through a simple text editor, restart the server, and then see if your changes worked. In this video, learn how to configure your Odoo development environment to take advantage of a real Python IDE and the ability to set breakpoints, examine variables, and get better control over your Odoo development.

Why would I want the ability to debug my Odoo application?

Some applications are simple and you may not need to hook up the debugger. Other times print statements to the console are enough to debug or troubleshoot your Odoo application. Learning how to debug your Odoo application will provide you a great deal of insight and knowledge on how the Odoo framework fits together. When things do go wrong, you will have the tools to analyze why your code is breaking.