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Customize Workflows in Odoo

Customize Workflows in Odoo

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Learn to customize Odoo's powerful workflow engine.

Video Length:   32 minutes
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Would you like to learn to customize workflows in Odoo?

Without a doubt one of the most exciting aspects of customizing Odoo is the ability to create and modify work flows to meet the unique requirements of a given industry or business. Unfortunately this is also one of the topics in which it is hard to find easy to follow tutorials that show you exactly how to customize workflows.

Finally an easy to follow video that shows you how

In this video we jump right in and show you exactly how to add a custom field to a manufacture order and then modify the workflow of the document through an entirely new process. For this example, we have chosen an option to require engineeers to approve specific manufacturing orders in order for them to be proceed into production.

Learn to use Odoo workflows to solve real world requirements

This video, and the preceding video on customizing search views in Odoo represent two very important building blocks in getting Odoo to fit a given industry. I'm often asked "Can Odoo do...{fill in requirement}"? If you understand how to customize forms, tree views, search views, and workflows you are well on your way to understanding the more fundamental ways Odoo can be customized without writing complex modules.

Why would I want to learn to customize Odoo workflows?

Odoo workflows provide a powerful way to control the flow of documents through various processes. When you install Odoo you get a set of default workflows that can typically work pretty well for many businesses. However as a business grows beyond more than a few dozen employees the ability to create custom workflows becomes increasingly valuable to have a well designed ERP system. Fortunately Odoo provides a visual editor for constructing your workflows:

In this video we cover how to add nodes to the workflow, create the required transitions, and create signals from buttons. The goal is to provide the foundation and basic knowledge so that you can begin creating your own workflow solutions.

Do I have to know how to develop modules to modify workflows?

In this video we show you how to modify workflows without writing any Python modules and with very little programming required. While it is certainly helpful and will be easier for a developer to understand this video, if you are familiar with basic business processes and computer terms. For example, if you can make spreadsheets... you can likely learn the basics for customizing workflows in Odoo.  Like most subjects however with implementing ERP systems, often the scope can be quite complex and knowledge of Python and the ability to create modules will be important to implementing more complex workflow solutions in Odoo.