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Odoo Language Translation - Multiple languages in Odoo

Odoo Language Translation - Multiple languages in Odoo

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Lean how to implement Odoo's powerful language translation features.

Video Length:   37 minutes
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Learn to use Odoo's powerful language translation features

Odoo has native support for dozens of languages built right in. In this video learn how to setup Odoo to use multiple language for users and even convert pages of your website into multiple languages. We then show you how you can find those terms and add additional terms that may not already be translated for a given language. If you are looking to learn how to use multiple languages in Odoo, this is the video for you.

Use Odoo's Language Translation features to customize terms for your business

One of the most powerful uses of Odoo's Language translation features is that you can use it to customize terms for a specific business or to use industry specific terms within Odoo without customizing views or your model.  Do not think this feature is just for multiple languages, companies often want to add instructions or changes the wording inside an application. In this video, learn how to do this without creating modules, editing views, or modifying the model in Odoo.

Learn to integrate Gengo automatic language translation

This video starts at the beginning showing you how to implement multiple languages in Odoo (formally OpenERP). Then we show you how to implement your own terms to customize terms for a business and see those changes in real time. Finally we introduce a powerful module that will allow you to automatically convert entire web pages into another language with a direct API to experienced fluent language translators to convert your pages at affordable rates.