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Odoo eCommerce - Configure an online store with Odoo

Odoo eCommerce - Configure an online store with Odoo

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This hour and a half video covers the full eCommerce Odoo application including product variants, sales pricing, and adding payment processors such as PayPal.

Video Length:   1:30 hrs
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All you wanted to know about Odoo eCommerce

This video starts with the very basics and then goes on to cover all the major features of Odoo's eCommerce module. Learn how to configure products, customize your product page, create product variants, manage public website categories and even install a Paypal payment processor to complete the order.

Leverage the power of Odoo for your online store

While there are a lot of shopping carts out there the main problem is that is pretty much all they are. You then spend many hours to tie your online store into your accounting systems. Many people have redundant data... others have complex and brittle connections between systems. Few solutions however are as clean and easy to configure as Odoo eCommerce.

Essential Odoo Training and vital to the future of Odoo

While many companies don't come to Odoo looking for an eCommerce solution, the fact is that online stores are becoming more complex and managing products, sales, inventory and other aspects of your business it will be increasingly dificult for companies to get it all integrated. Odoo has leaped ahead of many solutions by creating a completely integrated solution that will allow you to use your website to serve your customers bett

The store is ready to use right after you click install

While configuring most online stores requires quite a bit of complex setup, much of that is all taken care of with your standard Odoo installation. It is ready to go from the moment you click the install button.

Learn to change the layout and position of products

As you will see in the picture to the left, the iPad takes up four cells on the product page while all the rest of the products only take up one. In the video learn how you can configure your shop page to display products in a way that works best for you. Don't like the order of the products? We show you how to change that right from the store page.

Leverage the data you already have

The products you have entered in Odoo will automatically show on your store. Just click the publish button and you are ready to start selling products. 

What is the overall scope of this video?

This video begins by installing the eCommerce application and demonstrating how to modify products, add new products, and modify the product page so you can have content, such as the content you are reading right now, that changes for each product. Next you learn how to modify the Odoo store layout to fit your requirements. We cover how you can use product variants, alternate products, accessories, and multiple categories. 

Here is a list of some of the major topic areas:

  • Installing Odoo eCommerce
  • Modifying existing products and adding new products to your online store
  • Publishing your product
  • Learn to create custom pages for your product (just like the page you see right now!)
  • Master layout options, add a sales banner, and re-order the products in your store
  • Change your store layout to list mode, add descriptions, one click add to cart buttons
  • Understand product variants. For example, offering a product in several colors or sizes
  • Use Odoo price lists to put products on sale and display the discount amount right on your online store
  • See how to use the checkout process and important limitations you should be aware of before implementing an Odoo store
  • Learn how to add a PayPal payment processor to your online store

Why would I want to use Odoo for my online store with so many other options out there?

This is a very important question. There are lots of existing products that have been out a long time that offer very mature platforms with a lot of features. Magento is one of the most popular that people integrate with Odoo. However because they are separate systems integration can become tedious. As Odoo gets upgraded and Magento gets upgraded, keeping both systems patched and on their latest versions PLUS working together can be a challenge. When you implement Odoo eCommerce you eliminate two undesireable consequences of going with external websites. Duplicate or redundant data must be keyed into both systems or you have a connection between the two systems that must be managed. Also, we can expect Odoo's eCommerce application to continue to add features which will make it a more compeling option in the years ahead.

Why would I want to continue to use Magento if Odoo eCommerce already does so much?

Every business requirement is different and this is esspecially true for eCommerce. Platforms like Magento and Volusion are quite mature and offer some options that maybe critical for your specific requirements. There are also lots of themes and other plug-ins available for Magento and it will be quite a while before Odoo's eCommerce will have the same level of functionality. Also, there a lot of people that are familiar with Magento. With Magento you may have an easier time finding professionals that can help you configure and setup your online store.