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Learn how to Setup a Help Desk Ticket System in Odoo
Introduction: Learn how to setup a help desk ticket system in Odoo
Installing the help desk module and configuring our test environment
Creating a new help desk ticket in Odoo
Handling help desk requests and changing the status of help desk tickets
Using filters and groupings to manage high transaction help desk facilities
Tracking references and using the help desk communication features
Utilizing the calendar view and drag & drop functionality to organize help desk tickets
Installing the Issues & Tracking module for additional help desk functionality
Creating an issue and using the help desk through project management
Defining custom task stages for issues and help desk tickets
Comparing the help desk module to the issue tracking module for help desk management

Learn how to Setup a Help Desk Ticket System in Odoo

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Learn to setup an Odoo help desk system that can track issues and assign help tickets that can be used to monitor and track resolution of critical problems.

Video Length:   37 minutes
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Using Odoo to setup a help desk

In this video we show you two different methods to setup a help desk within Odoo. The first method uses the basic 'HelpDesk' module which extends the CRM application. This basic help desk ticket system provides you an easy way to track issues by partners (customers, suppliers, employees, etc), manage their priority, set who is responsible for resolution and have visibility of the overall status of the issue.

Odoo's Issue Tracking and integration with projects

The second help desk ticket option we cover takes a different approach. intead of integrating with the CRM system, the Issues and Tracking module ties in with the Prroject Manager. This allows you to assign help tickets to projects and assign tasks to track completion.

The real value of this help desk is in the integration with Odoo

The built in Odoo help desk applications are easy to use, straight forward, and very simple. There are certainly dedicated help desk software applications with far more features. The beauty however of Odoo's help desk integration is consolidation of your information.