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Use Domain Filtering to Better Manage Addresses in Odoo

Use Domain Filtering to Better Manage Addresses in Odoo

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This video is designed to address a frequently requested customization. When entering a Sales Order, by default Odoo allows you to pick any shipping or invoicing address from any customer in the company. While this maybe the desired behavior for some companies, many companies wish to limit the addresses to only those that are assigned to the company. This developer video shows you how to make a simple custom modification that uses domain filtering to restrict invoice and shipping addresses to only the ones assigned to the company.

Video Length:   17 Minutes
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Learning the Power of Domain Filtering and Odoo Models

Odoo's powerful ORM (Object Relationship Model) framework allows you to create powerful applications often without writing very much code. This video is a perfect example of how Odoo's framework makes it relatively easy to restrict records within a given model based upon other settings within that model. In this case you learn how to limit the shipping and invoice addresses to only the address records that are assigned to that customer as opposed to any customer in the database.

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After many years of Odoo consulting restricting data set and filtering records to meet client requirements is one of the most common customization requests. It's safe to say that any customization effort in Odoo will most likely involve using domains to filter records. Often times by clever use of domains you can quickly solve problems and make Odoo far more friendly for a specific industry or specialization.

Many Applications for Odoo Customization using Filters

Like most Odoo Class videos this video is designed with a specific business requirement and a real world case study in mind. Another similar usage of this method of restricting data using the Odoo framework is to restrict the products on a purchase order to only the products assigned to a specific supplier. Once again by default Odoo will let you pick any product from your entire product table rather than just the products assigned to that supplier. Once you master the use of domains you will be well on your way to becoming an effective Odoo developer.