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Odoo 9 Project Management
Installing the Project Management App
Overview of the Dashboard and project cards
Kanban view, and organization of tasks and stages
Editing, moving, and assigning tasks
Setting a deadline, using the calendar view, and assigning a customer
Using Tags and task progress indicators
Creating new projects and stages
Adding documents and attachments to projects

Odoo 9 Project Management

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While Odoo's Project Manager is not the most featured filled project manager you will find it integrates tightly with other Odoo Applications and can be easily extended by an experienced Odoo Developer. In this video we look at the core features of Odoo's Project Manager Application.

Video Length:   36 Minutes
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Learning the Odoo Project Management Application

The Odoo Project Management Application is easy to learn and allows you to organize and manage project tasks directly within Odoo. Using the powerful communication tools built into Odoo you can easily collaborate with your team, assign tasks to employee's, and set deadlines for specific tasks. Odoo Project Management is simple to use but is flexible and easy to get started with.

Why would I want to use Odoo's Project Manager? 

It's very true that compared to most stand alone project manager's Odoo's Project Manager lacks many features and is what you may call 'bare bones'. However this simplicity does have advantages when projects are a core part of the the production flow in your company. Odoo's project management application integrates with other Odoo applications. This combined with the ability to customize the Project Management application allows you to create powerful project management solutions that integrate sales, invoicing, accounting, and other aspects of your business in ways a standalone project manager never could.

Getting Started with the Basics of Odoo Project Management

This video is aimed at people who are new to Project Management in Odoo 9 and wish to get an overview of the core features of the application. In future videos we will examine how to integrate Project Management with invoicing and do more advanced project forecasting. This video assumes you know the basics of Odoo. If you are brand new to Odoo you should first watch Odoo 9 Essentials to learn more about the overall interface of Odoo applications.