Weekly Consulting Workshops

Do you wish to get up and running with Odoo as fast as possible? Have questions about how to use various modules, best configuration practices or a few tips on how to put Odoo to work for you? If so, weekly Odoo consulting workshops are for you.

Live professional Odoo consulation at an affordable price

Today more than ever solid information technology is vital to any successful business. If it doesn't matter to you now, it will soon. New competitors can move into markets quickly because they are committed to better systems. This gives them ultimiately better customer service, better quality, faster delivery, more efficient ordering... and the list could go on and on. Here at OdooClass we conduct weekly consulting workshops designed to fundamentally change and improve your business using Odoo as the technology platform of choice. We are experts in both Business and Information Technology and have been involved in literally hundreds of business implementations. Let us help you make the most of Odoo.  

  • 2 One Hour Consulting Workshops each and every week
  • Provided by Greg Moss or Diogo Duarte... two top experts in Odoo development and implementation.
  • Flexible scheduling... we can provide workshops in any time zone at a time that works for you.
  • Get answers to your specific questions... YOU suggest the workshop topics. 
  • Each workshop is a $75 value when purchased separately
  • Workshop subscriptions include on demand access to all Odoo Class videos

Attend a workshop without a subscription.

No hassle, no subscription, one time $75 fee to attend one workshop.

Weekly Consulting Workshops

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