Sample Videos

Odoo 9 Essentials Preview Video

Odoo 9 Essentials is over 4 1/2 hours covering the most important Odoo applications. This preview demonstrates the first hour of the training focusing on the creation of a new Odoo database, configuring your first company, and understanding the sales management application. Learn more about Odoo 9 Essentials.

Odoo 8 Essentials Preview Video

Odoo Essentials is one of our most popular videos that covers using the primary Odoo applications such as sales management, purchasing, warehouse management, manufacturing, the website builder, CRM, and more. It is the first video to watch if you wish to learn how to use Odoo 8 to manage your business.

Customize Odoo Reports using Qweb

One of the most common things you will need to learn when implementing Odoo into your business is how to customize reports. Sometimes it can be as simple as just making a small change to the layout. Other times you need to incorporate new information or re-design a form to meet the needs of your business. This is a preview video from the Odoo Class library that shows you how to get started customizing reports in Odoo.

Customize Workflows in Odoo

Learn to customize workflows in Odoo. Workflows allow you to customize how documents and forms flow through the various aspects of your business. So often getting Odoo to fit right into your business is going to be about modifying workflows and other processes in Odoo to fit your requirements. Finding good videos on customizing workflows in Odoo is not easy. This preview video gets you started with a real life example of how to modify workflows in Odoo.

Importing data into Odoo / OpenERP using XML-RPC

One of the most common requirements for implementing a new ERP system is bringing in data from a variety of sources. This video shows how you can get data into OpenERP / Odoo with very little code. While this video demonstrates this for version 7 the XML-RPC interface remains the same for Odoo 8.

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Handling product variants in OpenERP (Odoo) version 6

In each video on we always try focus on real business examples whenever possible. Videos that help you solve real problems with Odoo. While product variants is built into Odoo 8, back in version 6 adding product variants required a little more effort. This video shows how product variants could be implemented in OpenERP 6.