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Find Expert Odoo Developers and Integrators

Do you need experienced Odoo Developers for your project or to staff a growing IT team? OdooClass videos and courses have trained thousands of Odoo developers and ERP integrators. In addition, Odoo's founder and author of Working with Odoo has personally reached out to the best Odoo developers in the community. 

Think experts are expensive? wait until you see what it costs you to work with amateurs!

As a result OdooClass has access to hundreds of experienced Odoo developers who are looking for jobs and projects. We are committed to be the #1 Odoo Technical Recruiting resource for solving solutions with Odoo. 

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Technical Recruiting - Attention Odoo Developers

Are you an Odoo Developer, Integrator, or ERP specialist looking for jobs, contracts, or projects related to Odoo? Are you dedicated, dependable, and capable of completing projects on-time and under budget?  Do you have good communication skills and attention to detail? If so, then we would like to talk with you.

OdooClass is actively looking for experienced Odoo consultants and project leaders. OdooClass has long been a continuing source of Odoo training video courses and tutorials. Companies come to us looking for results. We have a constant demand from companies around the world to source experienced Odoo professionals.

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