Monthly Consulting Workshops

Each month, subscribers can attend two consulting workshops in which we will discuss topics critical to your specific Odoo installation.  Most often these are one-on-one workshops in which you can get the answer you need to get the most out of Odoo.  These are personalized workshops in which YOU decide what the content of the workshop needs to be to best fit your needs... then we provide it. Here are some of the advantages of Odoo workshops from Odoo Class.

  • Workshops are provided by Greg Moss or Diogo Duarte. Experienced Odoo developers and integrators with decades of ERP implentation experience.
  • Workshops are almost always conducted one-on-one to solve you specific business requirements with Odoo.
  • Flexible Scheduling. We can schedule the workshops in any time zone.
  • We can provide you a workshop targeting any version of Odoo from version 8 to version 11. Enterprise or Community. 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. If at the end of the workshop you do not believe you received the very best expert Odoo help, we will make it right. If that means additional workshops, research, or even your money back... we will make it right.
  • Each workshop is a $75 value when purchased separately

Attend a workshop without a subscription.

No hassle, no subscription, one time $75 fee to attend one workshop.

Monthly Consulting Workshops

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