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For a limited time only! Get the entire Odoo Class Library for FREE with the purchase of Mastering Odoo Development or Odoo Essentials. Never before have I bundled the Odoo Class Library with the premium courses. Until now this has always required a separate purchase. I do not expect to continue this deal for long!

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Mastering Odoo Development 

Mastering Odoo Development: From the creator of Mastering Odoo 9-14, Mastering Odoo  Development is the definitive Odoo Developer Training System.

Developed by Odoo Expert Greg Moss, author of Working with Odoo and founder of With over 10,000 clients Greg provides the very best Odoo Developer training you will find anywhere. 

No other Odoo training package combines live interactive one-on-one developer coaching from a proven expert in Odoo consulting. Mastering Odoo  Development is designed to teach you to create and deliver business solutions. If you want to become an expert Odoo developer that can deliver results and transform businesses with Odoo, this is the course for you.

Includes full Video Course, one-on-one Strategy Sessions, Development Coaching and Consulting! This is the fastest most comprehensive way you will find to become an expert Odoo Developer!

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Odoo Essentials Complete

Are you looking to integrate Odoo into your business? At OdooClass we go beyond just basic Odoo features and configuration. With OdooClass you will learn how to TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS with Odoo!

In our courses we demonstrate through real-world examples how to implement best-in-class business workflows. Unlike most training that simply walks through menu items describing features and functions, our courses show you how to solve real world business requirements with Odoo.

Best of all, if you have any questions about your business-specific requirements, OdooClass provides one-on-one functional strategy sessions when you enroll in Odoo Essentials Complete.

With OdooClass Odoo Essentials you get high-quality Odoo training and access to expert Odoo consulting.

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Professional Odoo Training Courses

OdooClass is dedicated to making you an expert in all things Odoo. From beginning functional training all the way to expert developer coaching, OdooClass has a solution for you.  Click the button below to access our full OdooClass library.

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