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Using Barcode Scanning in Warehouse Management
Introduction: Using Barcode Scanning in Warehouse Management
Test and troubleshoot a barcode scanner
Configure inventory to use several warehouses with several stock locations
Setting up barcodes actions sheet for delivery orders
Use barcode scanner barcodes from an actions sheet
Scanning products to confirm delivery order quantities
Using an action barcode to save, edit and print a delivery order
Scanning barcodes on purchase orders

Using Barcode Scanning in Warehouse Management

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In this video you are going to learn how to use the Warehouse Management Barcode Scanning module of Odoo Enterprise. We will start with a simple test and troubleshoot a barcode scanner issue and we will move to the inventory configuration to set several warehouses with several stock locations. We will also check the barcodes actions sheet, a useful sheet to print that will allow you to discard the mouse/keyboard on your daily picking operations work and also how you can use this module to confirm receipts and delivery orders.

Video Length:   17 Minutes
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Better manage your warehouse and inventory through barcodes

Barcodes have been used for many years to provide faster and better tracking of products in your warehouse. Odoo Enterprise offers a barcode scanning module that makes it easy to integrate barcodes into your warehouse.

Troubleshooting and testing barcode scanning in Odoo

This video is designed to address real-world issues in implementing barcode scanning. We take a look common but tricky issues that can occur when attempting to implement barcode scanning in Odoo. If you have run into some issues with barcode scanning you are not alone. This video will help you address some of the most common problems.

Using Barcode action sheets to improve productivity

When people think of barcodes they most often think of barcodes that are on the product. While that is certainly a large part of barcode scanning, barcode action sheets allow you to configure Odoo so that many actions can be activated using barcodes rather than using the mouse and keyboard. For example... scanning a barcode to create a delivery order or validate a receipt.