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Understanding Odoo's FileStore and Web Asset Management

Understanding Odoo's FileStore and Web Asset Management

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In this video you will learn how Odoo manages the web application assets using the filestore. You will understand why, in some situations you will have a page broken because of the missing assets and how to solve these situations. Also, you will understand the impact of Odoo filestore in the backup and recovery strategy for your Odoo instance.

Video Length:   22 Minutes
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Understanding Odoo's Filestore

Doesn't Odoo Store data inside of Postgres?

When you configure Odoo you setup a Postgres database to hold a majority of you company information. However there are items such as attachments that are not stored within the database but are instead stored in what is known as the Odoo Filestore. 

Why should I Care about the Odoo Filestore?

For end users there should be little concern over Odoo's filestore and how it is implemented. If however you are an Odoo integrator or are responsible for administering an Odoo installation it is critical that you understand Filestores so you can properly upgrade, backup & restore an Odoo installation.

Changing Where Attachments are stored in Odoo

Odoo is highly flexible and offers different configuration options that will allow you to specify if attachments are stored within the database or in the filestore. Understanding the various options available and the advantages and disadvantages of alternative configurations can help you make the best decision on your Odoo deployment.