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Strategies for Advanced MRP & BOM Management in Odoo 10

Strategies for Advanced MRP & BOM Management in Odoo 10

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Odoo's powerful MRP application allows you to create modular bill of materials. This allows flexibility in advanced manufacturing operations for sub-assemblies and different build combinations based on variants. Learn to implement complex Odoo MRP & BOM operations while minimizing the amount of data you must maintain.

Video Length:   24 Minutes
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Moving past simple manufacturing operations

While simple single-level bill of materials will work for many operations, companies who produce more complex products should consider breaking their BOM's down into modular sub-assemblies that make them easier to manage and maintain. As complexity of the manufacturing system grows how you structure your bill of materials will have a great impact on your system design.

The Importance of well structured BOM's

When configuring a manufacturing system it is very important to consider how your BOM's are structured and how they will interact with the various options that are available for your products. If you have simple products with few options or modifications during manufacturing then structuring your bill of materials will be far easier than if you have complex products with multiple options and variants.

Getting Control of your Manufacturing Operations

Regardless if you have simple manufacturing operations or more complex manufacturing operations, Odoo can often by a great solution once you completely understand how your bill of materials can be properly structured. Take the time to experiment with different configurations and test them with a variety of manufacturing orders. This video is designed to help you produce BOM's that are modular and require less maintenance.