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Inventory Valuation for Sub-Assemblies / Work in Progress
Creating and configuring product categories
Installing the chart of accounts
Creating the bill of materials and products
Reviewing the product configuration
Creating the sales order
Creating the purchase orders
Receiving the parts
Creating the vendor bill / supplier invoice
Producing the manufacturing orders
Understanding the balance sheet results
Shipping the products

Inventory Valuation for Sub-Assemblies / Work in Progress

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In this video, learn how to configure Odoo product categories and stock locations so that you can maintain an account for "Sub-Assemblies / work in process. This allows you to better manage and track your inventory valuation.

Video Length:   41 Minutes
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Configuring Stock Valuation Accounts

When you install inventory management, Odoo provides you a default set of stock inventory accounts that can handle basic inventory operations. In this video you will learn how to configure your stock input/output accounts to better manage your inventory.

Use Odoo to get total control of your inventory

Learn how to integrate Odoo inventory and accounting to get precise control the management and reporting of your inventory. How much stock is allocated to open invoices? How much stock is in your receiving location? How much on the docks waiting to be shipped? Learn how to configure your inventory in a way that works best for you.

Integrating Accounting & Inventory Control

When you properly configure your product categories, warehouse locations, and inventory stock accounts it is possible to create powerful inventory control solutions for almost problem you may face. For additional videos on inventory control and advanced Odoo configurations please see the associated videos below.