Business Training Videos

Why would I want Odoo Class video training for my business?

Most likely if you are reading this you have already spent a little time working with Odoo. Unlike many off the shelf packages or software systems that have a very fixed feature set, Odoo has great flexibility, thousands of applications and modules and countless configuration settings that together can dramatically improve the operations in many businesses. Not even three years ago, software with these capabilities would cost you in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and you would not even get the source code.

Now with Odoo Class video training you can begin learning today to put the most powerful open source business application suite available today. Take a look around on the Internet; there are some great videos. But provides an unparalleled variety of videos. We take subscriber requests. Each week we release new videos that help improve your ability to put Odoo to use in your business.

Videos that focus on how you would use Odoo in real world solutions

I'm sure you have seen countless videos that walk through the menus feature by feature... basically reading off the menu, and almost like out of a reference book, walking down each item telling you a vauge description about that feature. What is wrong with this approach? Much of the challenge of successfully implementing a system like Odoo is workflow, business processes, and learning how those features fit in with typical business operations.

Odoo Class videos take a business-centered approach. We explain WHY you use those features and give examples for which industries and which workflow scenerios those options would be most appropriate. Tired of trainiing that says "The make to order routing is used when you want to make an order for a routing" or "The supplier location listbox is where you specify the supplier location"? You need training that demonstrates the workflow of Odoo, how they can integrate with business processes, and what all those configuration settings do in the real world.

Take control of your Odoo application and get your questions answered

Odoo Class already has one of the most comprehensive quality libraries of Odoo videos available. There are great videos on Youtube. We made quite a few of them. But Odoo Class is taking it a step further. We listen to our subscribers. If you want a video on a specific topic let us know. Naturally we can't cover every subject overnight. But each week we are adding the videos that are most requested and can help solve the problems Odoo businesses are facing all over the world. Did you watch one of our videos and not really understand a certain part of it? Let us know. In future videos we can provide more examples, find better ways to explain the problem and come up with solutions that will help everyone understand Odoo better than before.