Odoo Video and Workshop Affiliate Program

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Each visitor you send is tracked with an affiliate id that is assigned to the customer when they pay through PayPal. With Odoo's popularity soaring, you can now offer video training to your clients while making commissions on each and every subscription!

High interest Videos and Workshops

Interest in Odoo has never been higher! The amazing open source Odoo platform has increased demand for quality training and Odoo workshops for both Odoo developers and integrators.


Already HUNDREDS of Odoo developer and functional videos have been sold. Now we are adding subscription plans, streamed video content, weekly updates, and LIVE workshops! These are products every Odoo client, developer and integrator are interested in working with.

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Earn as much as 40% commissions for each new subscriber.

Earn up to 40% commissions

The more you sell, the more you earn.

Earn 10% for each subscriber

How? After you signup we will give you a link that has your own personal affiliate id. With each visitor, that subscribes you will receive commissions depening on your monthly sales! Earn 10% commissions on your very first sale! Simply by sending a visitor to our website with your affiliate id!

After your application is approved you will receive an affiliate id and link that will track the visitors you send to purchase videos.

Earn 20% for sales over $2,500/mo

Each month we will add up the total of your new subscriptions. If for any given month your sales exceed $2,500 then you DOUBLE your earned commissions to 20%! Example: A single $2,750 weekly workshop subscription will provide you with $550 commission on one sale!

Earn 40% for sales over $5,000/mo

With thousands of Odoo businesses and clients world wide, making money with Odoo has never been easier! The software is free but nearly everyone needs training and support to get Odoo integrated into their business or perform the necessary customization. See below how just ONE SALE A WEEK could earn you thousands in comissions each and every month.

GREAT for Odoo Partners

As odoo is Open Source, many clients wish to have access to quality training material and educational workshops. Unlike many systems, Odoo clients often wish to be more hands on. Now your clients can attend live workshops! We are happy to work with partners to help identify topic areas that will help assist your clients and make each Odoo workshop more rewarding.

Offering Odoo training videos and workshops to your clients can allow you to focus on more functional aspects of implementations while providing your clients with additional resources. And it is so easy! Just give your client the link and you earn up to 40% commissions for each and every subscriber.

Turn your leads into revenue with the Odoo Video & Workshop affiliate program!

Terms & Conditions

Commissions are paid out monthly after you have accumulated a minimum of $200 in commissions. Until a minimum of $200 in payable commissions is earned the affiliate is not entitled to any commission payments under any circumstances. Commissions due are rolled over from one month to the next.

Each new subscriber must maintain their subscription for the full duration of the term for commissions to accrue. The subscription does not have to be renewed to receive commissions, however the first subscription must complete without cancellation or any demand refund.

Commissions are only paid for new subscribers. Affiliates are not eligible to receive recurring commissions and are not elgible for commissions from consulting or other services provided by First Class Ventures, LLC. Subscribers that quit and reapply are not elgible for commissions. Commissions are paid out in US dollars through PayPal. Company check, money order, or wire transfer is available for $40 fee and a $500 minimum. We accept affiliates worldwide... However, you are obligated for all taxes, expenses, exchange rate fees and following any and all legal restrictions that apply to your country, state or region.

This program can be cancelled at any time for any reason. We reservet the right to adjust the commission structure, payments, or percentages at any time. First Class Ventures, LLC reserves the right to withold commissions for any reason including but not limited to subscription refund requests, use of spam, or receipt of complaints regarding marketing approach.

In addition to the above terms and requirements you must agree to the full legal affiliate agreement.