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Odoo 10 First Look - MRP Manufacturing Suite

With the release of Odoo 10, the MRP application has been expanded into a Manufacturing Suite including applications for Quality Control, Maintenance, and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). This video is a first look at Odoo 10's MRP Manufacturing Suite using a release candidate of Odoo 10.

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What New Features Can I Expect in Odoo 10?

Odoo 10 is an upgrade that focuses on several critical areas in the Odoo suite of applications. The largest changes have been to the Odoo MRP application which now contains an entire suite of Manufacturing Applications that cover everything from Quality Control to Product Life Cycle Management. In addition to the MRP improvements there are also improvements in the website builder, the Odoo API, hundreds of small interface enhancements, and a full native Android Odoo 10 application for tablets.

Using Odoo 10 to improve your Manufacturing workflow

Previous versions of Odoo focused primarily on product bill of materials and Odoo manufacturing or work orders. There was basic routing and you can do a lot with Odoo 9 but now in Odoo 10 you have an entire suite of applications that can work together to improve operations. Now all of your manufacturing operations can be managed all from one central suite of applications. This video covers the Odoo 10 Release Candidate.  

 Odoo 10 Greatly Expands the Manufacturing Applications

This is a first look video that just covers the new Odoo 10 MRP features at a very high level. We look over the Odoo 10 maintenance application and how it can be used to track and register the repair process. Next we look at the Odoo 10 Quality Assurance and Product Life Cycle Management. Soon we will be releasing Odoo 10 Essentials along with an Odoo 10 Manufacturing Essentials video that will cover the MRP features in detail.