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Installing Odoo 11

Installing Odoo 11

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Unlike previous versions of Odoo that ran on Python 2.5, Odoo 11 runs on Python 3.5.  Learn how to setup a virtual environment and install the necessary requirements to install Odoo 11.

Video Length:   11:11 Minutes
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Are you having trouble installing Odoo 11?

If you have had trouble installing Odoo 11 you have come to the right place! has produced a video that will help you solve most problems installing Odoo 11

This video is for people who are somewhat familiar with installing Odoo 8, Odoo 9, or Odoo 10. If you are brand new to installing Odoo you may want to install Odoo 10 following one of the more detailed installation videos listed below. 

Odoo 11 uses Python 3.5 instead of Python 2.7

Because Odoo 11 runs on entirely different version of Python, there are  different library requirements.

Setting up a virtual environment for your Odoo 11 Installation

As you will typically want to run other versions of Odoo on the same server, it is particularly helpful to setup a virtual environment for Odoo 11.