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Bank Reconciliation in Odoo 10 Community Edition
The accounting dashboard
Uploading bank statements to Odoo
The OCA bank statement import modules
Using the reconciliation wizard
Matching the bank fees with write off
Reconcile a partial/deposit payment
Sending money form and respective reconciliation directly in the invoice

Bank Reconciliation in Odoo 10 Community Edition

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While the community edition of Odoo has many built in features, bank reconciliation is a feature that is only available in the enterprise edition of Odoo. In this video you will learn how to reconcile and import your bank statements in the community edition of Odoo using a free OCA module.

Video Length:   14 Minutes
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Bank Reconciliation - Odoo Community vs Enterprise

Odoo is very successful for one very important reason. The community version of Odoo is a solid, full-featured business application platform. Several features in Accounting & Finance however are part of the Enterprise edition of Odoo. This includes bank reconciliation features that allow you to automatically import bank statements.

The Odoo Community Association (OCA) adds value

While there are certainly very compelling features to Odoo Enterprise, it is nice to have alternatives for missing features in Odoo community. The OCA has repeatedly delivered important functionality that is not available in the standard community edition of Odoo. Take the time to visit OCA and look at the modules they have to offer. 

Getting started with Odoo Community Modules

This video is for Odoo integrators and those that are comfortable downloading and installing 3rd party community modules. If you are brand new to Odoo or are an end user who is uncomfortable with the technical aspects of installing and configuring Odoo modules you may need some assistance in installing these applications.