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Complete Odoo 9 Setup on Amazon EC2 Cloud Servers

Complete Odoo 9 Setup on Amazon EC2 Cloud Servers

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It has never been easier to host Odoo 9 in the cloud. In this video we show you how to setup Odoo 9 from the very beginning on Amazon's EC2 Free Tier Server option in Ubuntu. Each step along the way you learn how to access your EC2 server using Putty, download the Odoo source code and start your Odoo server. We then go on to show you how to test out your Odoo installation in your browser, setup a configuration, and access your Odoo installation using a standard domain name. We even show you how to create a boot script so Odoo will startup automatically when you reboot your EC2 server.

Video Length:  1:24 Hours
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Running Odoo in the cloud has Great Advantages!

Host Odoo in the Cloud! One of the best things about using Amazon AWS servers to run Odoo in the cloud is you can get started using their free tier servers. In this video we start right at the beginning showing you how to get to Amazon, sign up for a free account and then launch a new EC2 instance. We even use the free tier so you can begin launching test servers with no risk at all!

This video goes past the basics and into server configuration

Once you get your AWS Server up and running there are quite a few little tricks that can really help smooth out the process of installing and configuring Odoo. For example, using a port tunnel to access your newly installed Odoo server to securely test the installation. Learn to setup a configuration file to make it easier to launch your Odoo server and secure your Odoo databases. 

Access your Odoo Installation from your own domain name

After getting your server up and running, your Odoo installation has been installed and tested it is time to access your installation from the outside world. In this video we show you how to configure Nginx to access your Odoo installation by any domain name you choose. We then show you how you can configure your Odoo installation to start up automatically when you reboot your server.