Weekly Consulting Workshops

Do you wish to get up and running with Odoo as fast as possible? Have questions about how to use various modules, best configuration practices or a few tips on how to put Odoo to work for you? If so, weekly Odoo consulting workshops are for you.

Live professional Odoo consulation at an affordable price

Each week, subscribers can attend one functional workshop and one developer workshop to talk over their Odoo questions in a Live open environment. Multiple Odoo experts and other Odoo subscribers provide a constructive environment where everyone will learn something.

These workshops will often have specific topics or subjects to cover, but subscribers are welcome to ask questions about other topics, as well as suggest themes for future workshops or videos:

  • One Functional Workshop each week
  • One Developer & Technical Workshop each week
  • Each workshop is at least 2 hours (4 hours total each week)
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Subscriber driven subjects and dicussion topics
  • Each workshop is a $75 value when purchased separately
  • Subscription includes on demand access to all Odoo Class videos

Attend a workshop without a subscription.

No hassle, no subscription, one time $75 fee to attend one workshop.

Weekly Consulting Workshops

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