Professional Odoo Consulting

Solve your Odoo Implementation and Development problems one-on-one

Access to Professional Odoo consultation is now easier than ever

Two Hours

Getting Started with Odoo


Two hours of consulting
  • Perfect to get started with Odoo Class consulting
  • Discuss your Odoo implementations with experts
  • One-on-One Odoo consultation
  • Includes Two Hours of Odoo consultation

Five Hours

Odoo Developer / Implementation Package


Five Hours of Consulting
  • Great for simple Odoo implementations
  • Get help with hard to solve problems
  • Access to multiple Odoo experts
  • Includes Five Hours of Odoo consultation

Ten Hours

Best Value


Ten Hours of Consulting
  • Best value for professional Odoo consultation
  • Quality consultation for more advanced projects
  • Access to at least three professional Odoo experts
  • Includes Ten Hours of Odoo consultation

Quality Odoo Consultation - Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are wanting to get started with Odoo you have come to the right place. First off, you will want to make sure that you are an video subscriber. Our videos are designed to get you up and running with Odoo in no time. 

Maybe you are an Odoo Developer who is trying to make a custom modification so Odoo will work better with your business? Perhaps you are in an IT department attempting to implement Odoo? Maybe you are a new Odoo partner looking for more resources to provide your clients? No matter what your requirement, Odoo Class professional Odoo consultation will help you get the results you are looking for.


Why should I choose Odoo Class for one-on-one professional Odoo consultation?

The professionals at have been answering the most difficult questions about Odoo for many years. Hundreds of Odoo professionals have come to for developer and functional Odoo training videos and workshops. We also offer full satisfaction for our Odoo consultation. 

  •  Decades of collective experience in ERP and business system integration 
  •  Multiple Odoo experts that can collaborate on difficult problems 
  •  Direct one-on-one consultation by Skype with email support and followup 
  •  An Odoo Ready Partner for more than three years
  •  No Long-term contracts, capital investments or commitments
  •  100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How soon can I get my Odoo consultation?

Most often we can provide you an initial consultation within just a few days! After we receive confirmation of your consultation purchase we will send you an email with a list of upcoming consultation times and availability. 

How do you deliver the Odoo consultation?

Consultation is handled through Skype or other methods that make it easier to communicate. Consultation will also likely involve email exchanges that may include links to important resources or other documentation in order to help you solve your specific Odoo problem.

Odoo Developer Support and Training

One of the best uses for our one-on-one Odoo consultations is to help beginning and intermediate developers become better at solving problems with Odoo. Here at Odoo Class we provide the best source of Odoo video training for developers you will find anywhere on the Internet. Take your Odoo development to the next level and get help with your Odoo development projects by using Odoo Class professional Odoo consultation.

Odoo Consulting for assistance in getting your Odoo installation up and running

While Odoo is one of the easiest to use business application platforms you will find, it still takes a great amount of experience and hard work to successfully implement any new system. With direct one-on-one consultation from you can now get expert Odoo consultants to help guide you in your Odoo installation.