Monthly Consulting Workshops

Each month, subscribers can attend one functional workshop and one developer workshop. These workshops will often have a theme, but subscribers are welcome to ask questions about other topics, as well as suggest themes for future workshops or videos. While we can't create custom videos for every subscriber, we will cover topics based on overall subscriber demand:

  • 1 Functional Workshop each month
  • 1 Developer & Technical Workshop each month
  • Each workshop is 2 hours (4 hours total each month)
  • Subscribers welcome to attend either one or both
  • Subscriber input encouraged
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Each workshop is a $75 value when purchased separately

Attend a workshop without a subscription.

No hassle, no subscription, one time $75 fee to attend one workshop.

Monthly Consulting Workshops

Pricing for Video Subscription with Monthly Consulting Workshops



$159 per month



$138 per month



$98 per month

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