Experienced Odoo Developers - Apply Here

3000 S Jefferson, St. Louis, MO 63918, United States
10/21/2016 13:01:29


We are looking for experienced Odoo developers who can work independently and complete projects on time and under budget. There are only a few primary rules that we require all developers to follow when working on our projects:

You must provide your services with a full satisfaction guarantee. FirstClassComputerConsulting.com provides all of our consulting services with a satisfaction guarantee. It is what sets our business apart from all the rest and makes sure that every client receives value for the work they pay for. Therefore we only work with developers who can stand behind their work.

You must be able to work independently, remotely, and without supervision. This is not an application for employment. All work performed is on a project by project basis and there are no guarantees of a minimum number of hours. You must be able to use Skype, email, join.me, and phone communication when collaborating on projects. You are responsible for all your own equipment and software licences.

You are responsible for all taxes, licenses, or permits pertaining to your local laws. You understand you are an independent developer providing professional services. You will not be an employee of First Class Ventures, LLC. If you are a US citizen this means you may receive an annual 1099 form.